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We didn't cut any corners when we collected the 17 best marketing SMS figures we could discover. In other words, we wouldn't know why SMS stats marketing is an easily growing medium, rather than overwhelming you with details about the number of people with a cell phone or how many messages are sent every day. In this post, we will concentrate on text message communication figures that are of greatest interest to corporations and their promotion, distribution, and support personnel.

Furthermore, we understand why your consumers want companies to text these texts and why SMS stats Marketing is effective and successful. When you read all these wonderful SMS marketing numbers, you might wonder if you already have an audience with your company through SMS / MMS, or why you don't give customers any more text messaging statistic and SMS text messages.

1. By 2024 , the organization will collect SMS messages from 48.7 million people:

There is a strong development in the marketing channel for SMS. In contrast to 2019, a 23% rise will opt-in in 2020 for business SMS communications. In other words, if you do not invest in text message ads, you do not have a tremendous opportunity to expand your client base.

2. The US average checks 47 times a day on its computer:

American smartphones can't seem enough to get from them!

thanks to its high use, advertisers have begun to use mobile power.

And the most important element is:

Consumers are prepared to interact with brands — as is also illustrated in the new figures.

3. While, not all have a mobile with Internet access, SMS messages can be sent and received by 5 billion people all over the world:

Androids and iPhones can be seen in all the cities, but are they omnipresent?

Hell no! No! Hell no! Data has shown that up to 50% of mobile devices don't have a smartphone. Text Message marketing will help you communicate with individuals who, like MMS marketing, are outside of more sophisticated mobile marketing camps.

4. SMS messages are more sensitive than mobile, email, or Facebook at 209%:

This is a lot of great headlines now! Almost 30% of customers will answer your SMS – and almost 50% of respondents will buy. Because of these figures, it is logical that ROI is greater than email and other well-recognized media platforms for text message media and text messaging statistics.

He said – fine news!

5. SMS messages have an outstanding open score of 98%:

It is not only convenient to set up messaging stats and SMS quickly and efficiently, but also to be obtained and read by clients. It certainly needs to be taken advantage of by advertisers. You will also see the available opportunities here if you are looking for a position as a marketing strategist.

6. Consumers can spend 10 times more than other forms of coupons for SMS-landed coupons:

Customers will be more open to SMS-supplied coupons through text message marketing figures. These coupons will not only allow you to draw buyers, but they also keep you occupied.

7. For B2Cs, the SMS marketing rose by 92% and from 2021 to 2023, by 197% for B2Bs:

The fact that more corporations have lately started using SMS ads is not surprising.

Smartphones pay, after all, for 64% of the world's population, while only 48% have internet access. Furthermore, the response rate for SMS messages is 209 percent higher than for e-mail.

8. In 2024 , smartphone subscriptions were available worldwide at 7.9 billion:

We're concerned about a lot of people! The entire world is accessible through SMS. Foundation.

9. U.S. mobile owners aged between 18-24 send text in a month around 2000:

When you see data on a text by age, mobile users between 18 and 24 years of age can notice the worst. They actually teach almost half as many as 25-34-year-olds — and 10 times as many as 55!!

10. Open SMS numbers are about five times the email numbers:

98% of all SMS messages are viewed, compared with just 20%. That is presumably why planning frameworks and network management systems send SMS alerts along with email updates. In other words, receivers directly read them as you send text messages. It's a good starting, right?

11. Just 10% was spam, equivalent to about 50% of emails. About 10% is spam:

Statistics on e-mail and email ads suggest users are less likely than e-mails to remove email messages without reading them.

12. The typical person would answer an SMS 90 seconds – just 90 minutes to respond to an e-mail:

There it is so plain as the day — text message is the most powerful marketing platform for activities and sales that are time-sensitive and participatory.

13. Initiatives for SMS ads do 7 times more than e-mail initiatives:

If you can choose only one, maybe it's time you switched from the email to SMS for any reason. It is time you prioritized SMS marketing if you can do all of this. You may also select one of the top email marketing services to boost your efficiency.

14. 20% of industry leaders plan to expand their use of SMS marketing:

SMS figures for 2023 reveal that 1 in five market leaders want to improve their marketing potential by using SMS to expand their companies.

15. 75% of customers are all K with brand SMS messages (after opting-in). SMS is sent:

Unlike common expectations, promotional deals received via text do not postpone the majority of people. There are no longer two explanations for this:

First, while SMS marketing is a permission-based practice, it is less invasive.

Secondly, it more strongly stresses the value suggestion of a bid due to the restricted space.

16. Just 30% of users receive SMS text messages from their employers:

SMS marketing statistics reveal that 7 people out of every 10 don't obtain advertising text from their chosen brands – they continue to hear from them even after making it obvious.

17. Around 8 out of 10 people are searching for an available SMS or some other mobile device support:

79% of shopkeepers use their smartphones to help them shop with mobile marketing figures. This illustrates the tremendous ability of well-developed SMS messaging to impact shopping preferences for customers.

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